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Noix Ambre

Caramelized walnuts

Noix Cristal

Skinless walnut, caramelized with sesame seeds

About Us

As a new company, we were founded in April 2018, in the Loire Valley which is surrounded by many beautiful walnut trees. Walnut is one of the most healthy food which is rich in Vitamins, iron and other nutrition.

We are focused on improving our production process, and developing many more walnut products. We are also establishing a planting base, so that we can contribute better varieties walnuts.

Our mission is to be the finest walnut products provider and carry on delivering unparalleled satisfaction and guaranteed productivity!

About our charity work, we are the nation well known as being animal lovers, all our team members are amongst them. We made a decision to donate some percentage of our profit to some the charity foundations. There is one in particular, which is called Amour Beijing, they are focusing on saving and rehoming stray dogs and cats. We are willing to do the best we can to help to reach the same goal!

We are also approaching the Beauval Zoo, to make a contribution to the panda base, we all love and adore them, they are a very cute, stubborn, ever so rare and special specie that we cherish immensely! Now you probably have guessed where our company name and logo come from!

We will update our working progress. Thank you all for your understanding and support!